Welcome to Hydrogen!
My Chemistry teacher ones decribed hydrogen as "weird with issues" so I decided to name a blog after it.

I'm a girl who lives in sweden and lost her name. I've never been through something really bad in my life and a cold winter night I decided to try and help people who have.
I decided to be positive and smile and now I have a hard time not smiling.
Anyway I just want to help people to be happy, I'm not sure how but I'll try. I think that's the least thing I can do.
I figure that the easiest way of helping people is to be posititve, try not to judge and smile. Simply trying to brigthen up their day.
So I always keep smiling, walking straight up every mountain and doing my best to concur my fears.
It has become my nindõ to fight for my own and everyone elses happiness and never ever giving up.

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